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A pool is an excellent way to cool down on those hot summer days and make your backyard look better than ever at the same time.

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Brendon’s pool building experience spans more than 15 years. He first started in the pool industry in Portugal in 2002 where he travelled throughout Europe as a licensed applicator, teaching pool companies the specialised technique for the application of skypebble surfaces. He was also involved in the construction of many residential and resort pools in Portugal, before returning home in 2007 to start his own company.

Brendon is involved in the business directly from sales to the finished product, ensuring the quality of the work.​

Brendon and the Pebbletech Pool team have worked hard to provide their customers with sleek designs and superb customer service. We do whatever it takes to bring your backyard to life, and work with you through each step of the process in order provide you with a quality pool that exceeds your expectations.​

“Due to the complexities of the preparation and application to get a consistent and high quality Skypebble® finish, application of pebble swimming pool finishes needs to be applied by experienced applicators.

As such for many years we have been distributing Skypebble® in New Zealand through Brendon Ward, Pebbletec Pools who is experienced in it’s application.”

—Austin Fripp, Skypebble®

PebbleTech Superior Pool Finishing