Skypebble® and Pebbletec®

Pebble swimming pool interiors were originally developed and patented by Mutual Pools which was Australia’s leading swimming pool builder in the 1970’s through to the 1990’s. The principles of Mutual Pools took the technology to the far greater swimming pool market in the USA under the banner of Pebble Technology Inc. (Pebbletec®). The company expanded rapidly and reinvested its profits into research and development including undertaking a worldwide search for specialized pebble suitable and appealing for swimming pool interiors. This search led to quarries in New Zealand where pebble of outstanding colour and beauty was being marketed to the growing pebble interior market in Australia under the Skypebble® brand. Skypebble® was merged into the Pebbletec® group, which has always remained firmly in the hands of its Australian founders.

The Skypebble® and Pebbletec® brands now have pride of place not only in Australasia but throughout USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America and are recognized as the leading supplier of pebble pool interiors around the world.

Environmentally Conscious

From our exclusive deposits in New Zealand, pebbles are processed and shipped around the world using methods fully licensed by the New Zealand government and approved by environmental agencies. We are environmentally conscious throughout the whole process to reduce pollutant by-products and harmful emissions.

From the South Island of New Zealand!

Graded, washed and sorted!

Processed and bagged for shipment!

Ready for your pool!


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