Swimming Pool Renovation

Do you have a pool festering at the bottom of the garden? Get us to return your pool to a sparkling jewel of your property!

Conventional pool remodel limitations are a thing of the past because Skypebble® superior quality pool finishes all have unique, flexible design characteristics that allow a pool to blend with landscaping, water features and the surrounding environment. A competent applicator with suitable preparation can apply Skypebble® products in place of any previous concrete pool interior finish.

Whether your pool needs a simple spruce-up or a full-scale remodel, Pebble Tech Pool Ltd has the quality materials and experienced swimming pool artisans to transform it from so-so to spectacular.

Years after initial installation, swimming pools and backyards can become outdated and in need of revitalising. Pebble Tech Pool Ltd can accomplish minor cosmetic changes and or major backyard overhauls.

Many of the common Backyard Renovation/Swimming Pool Rebuild ideas include:

Complete Pool Resurfacing

Landscaping such as Pool Coping, Waterline Tiles, Decks, Patios

Installing Walk-in Steps and Bench Seats

Adding Waterfalls

Upgrading Filtration Equipment

Installing Heating eg, Gas and Heat Pumps

If your current swimming pool and backyard are not living up to your expectation of backyard resort living than contact us to arrange a consult/quote to create your dream backyard space.​

“Due to the complexities of the preparation and application to get a consistent and high quality Skypebble® finish, application of pebble swimming pool finishes needs to be applied by experienced applicators.

As such for many years we have been distributing Skypebble® in New Zealand through Brendon Ward, Pebbletec Pools who is experienced in it’s application.”

—Austin Fripp, Skypebble®

Why Choose Skypebble For Your Pool Resurfacing?​

Skypebble is the most durable, dependable and low maintenance pool finish in the world.

Choice of three distinct finishes providing endless possibilities of colour and texture.

Resurfacing your pool with Skypebble ensures that you will have a durable, slip-resistant surface which is easy to clean and maintain.​

Skypebble products can be used to resurface any previous concrete pool interior finish.​

Flexible design characteristics allowing the swimming pool surface to blend with landscaping and pool features.

PebbleTech Superior Pool Finishing