Pool Renovations Auckland

Concrete pools need to be replastered every 20 – 25 years. Over time the coated surface of a pool will deteriorate, which can affect the water quality and can have an impact on the pool filtration system. The plaster coatings can stain and break down, and paint coatings will fade and oxidise which can create a milky residue in the water.

Pebble Tech Pool Ltd have successfully renovated hundreds of swimming pools.  From a simple re-plaster, to major structural changes. Not only do we renovate pools that have deteriorated over time, but we can also make changes to the style and shape of your pool.

These projects have included raising the height of a pool floor and concreting in new walls to make pools more child friendly.

Our services include:

Pool resurfacing/replastering

Replacing pool coping stones

Changing size, shape or depth of your pool

Replacing pool equipment such as pumps and filters

Replacing skimmers and pipe work

Pool lighting

Pool tiling

Upgrading your sanitation e.g chlorine to saltwater

Organising heating systems; gas, heat pump or solar​

We typically use Pebbletech products for our finishes but on request we can also use marble or Hydrazzo plasters.

Pool Renovation Examples

Paradise Blue Fina

Surf Blue Sheen Platinum

White Marble Plaster

PebbleTech Superior Pool Finishing